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Smoking is a very expensive habit (both in terms of money and health) and becomes part of your daily routine. Lighting up a cigarette gets associated with all sorts of normal daily activities, often starting the day at the same time as our morning cup of tea or coffee and ending the day as a relaxing puff before we go to bed. Some people will call it an addiction and some will say nicotine is as addictive as Heroin. However if that is so I wonder why the brain will "wake" you up for a cigarette at numerous times of the day but then let you sleep through the night. One could call it a psychological addiction and this is where hypnotherapy can be so effective as it deals with the psychological issues as well as the cravings. The largest meta survey of smoking cessation methods put hypnosis at the top. One thing to note is that in order to get good results with any method you have to genuinely want to stop smoking in the first place.


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I think most people realise that smoking is not good for their health. So why do people smoke if there is a fair chance it will kill them prematurely? I think it is something that creeps up on you. In the first year or two of smoking people rarely notice any health problems from smoking. However if you look at the graph you will see there is about a 20 yr lag in time before the effects are noticed with respect to people dying from lung cancer. Cancer is unfortunately just one of the problems associated with smoking, Heart disease from smoking is a major killer and even if it doesn't kill you, you may end up impotent or with serious circulatory problems as the tar furs up and hardens your arteries. Some people have ended up having legs or other parts amputated because of loss of circulation, due to smoking. Do you want tobacco to control your future?


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Sometimes you just need that extra bit of help to quit. Once you have stopped for two whole days the nicotine is out of your system, so why do you still get cravings? Old habits die hard or at least they can do. Hypnotherapy can replace these habitual patterns with new ideas and a new positive outlook. It can teach you how to distract a craving so that it no longer bothers you. As you replace old habits with new ones you soon find that the desire to smoke has gone and so has that smell that used to linger on you clothes. Also you may notice how nice it is to wake up without that annoying cough. Smoking ages the skin and this is most noticable on women so when you smoke, not only do you have the expense of smoking but all the skin cosmetics too.

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When cigarettes kill it is often slow and painful. Cancer is not quick and easy. Cigarette smoke contains around 4000 different chemicals. Amongst them are: Hydrogen Cyanide (a poison used in gas chambers), Arsenic (a poison used to kill rats), Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies), Carbon Monoxide (a poisonous gas that replaces oxygen in the blood), Ethyl 2 fluorate (a liver poison considered for use as a chemical warfare agent), Cadmium (used in rechargeable batteries), Benzene (an industrial solvent). Those are just a few of the chemicals you inhale with every puff. The sooner you quit the quicker your body can repair itself. Contact me now and start a life of breathing fresh air.

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I moved back to Newbury Berkshire from London in 2011. My interest in Hypnosis and therapy started many years ago when I was suffering from stress. I had IBS and suffered a panic attack. I thought it was a heart attack as my chest tightened and my heart was racing. At the time I was smoking and not very fit. My doctor told me that I needed to learn to chill out and should get some hypnosis tapes. for once I did as I was told. In a matter of days I had stopped smoking and the IBS had gone.

A few years later I saw a two day "taster course" on hypnosis and self hypnosis with Valerie Austin. I really enjoyed the course and decided to go for proper training. Over the years I have learnt froim many wonderful people and I like to think I have taken the best from each of them.

Some have been trainers and others have been people on the courses. I will put links to some of them on the links page so that if you live in another part of the country you can get local help.

I have been trained not just by top hypnotherapists but also I have trained with stage hypnotists, street hypnotists and covert hypnotists. I believe there are aspects of all disciplines that can be used to help others. I have also been trained in the famous "Swan" technique by the creator Bob Burns. This is a fantastic technique that allows me to work with the sub conscious directly and negates the need for the client to tell me much about the problem.

It is easy to let life get on top of us while we blame others for our problems. Take control of your issues and contact me today.

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